Lighting the way for the next generation of technologists with radical candor, vulnerability, and authenticity.


Anthony is a 22+ year software engineer whose story has inspired people around the world. His journey as a foster kid from “straight outta Compton” to Google teaches audiences how to transform trauma into triumph.


Anthony D. Mays is a public speaker, DEI consultant, writer, tech career coach, and software engineer of over 22 years experience.

A former abuse victim and foster kid from Compton who taught himself how to code at age 8, he has received numerous awards for his work in the tech industry and has worked with many organizations and Fortune 500 companies.

Mays is known for weaving his inspirational story of perseverance into rich conversations about inclusion in tech.

Now a full-time founder, consultant, career coach at Morgan Latimer Consulting, he works with candidates and companies to improve representation in tech through coaching, advising, and consulting.​



“Authentic, genuine and instrospective are the words that come to mind.”
Fatima Kargbo-Gathers

“Your speech gave me chills, well done brother!”
Scott Dialo

“I am already getting pings from folks who thoroughly enjoyed tuning in.”
Program Manager, Salesforce


“I got goosebumps at times.”
Director, Honeywell

“Anthony was thought-provoking, inspiring, powerful, and gracious. People really seemed to gravitate toward his condor and openness. We have only received the most positive of comments about him.”
Anonymous, Alter Domus 


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