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I grew up a foster kid in Compton after suffering physical and sexual abuse. My passion was to one day work with computers, but I didn’t see people who looked like me or came from where I came from doing what I wanted to do. And after over a decade of hard work, I landed the most coveted job in the world and became a software engineer at Google. Now I’m working to light the way for the next generation of tech talent.

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Looking for a dynamic keynote speaker? I’m always ready to inspire your audience! I share my story of perseverance, faith, and hard-work with honesty and vulnerability to help others find the courage to pursue their journey.

Fireside Chats & Panels

Want to quiz me on everything from software engineering to tech diversity? I’ve got some answers! Love sharing my perspectives as your panel guest or moderator.


Need someone to give a presentation or workshop? As a 20 year software engineer and frequent public speaker, I can lead workshops ranging from the technical to the inspirational.

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Let Me Coach You

Navigating big tech can be a difficult challenge. It requires challenging interviews, constant learning, and costly investments for those trying to break in. Those from underrepresented backgrounds face even more challenges at times and may not have a network of people to help them navigate their career.

That’s where I come in. With over 20 years of experience in tech and 8 years at Google, I’ve done nearly every kind of technical interview. I’ve faced a myriad of career growth challenges. And I’ve helped thousands of people understand what it takes to succeed not just in the interview, but also in their careers.

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Tania Microsoft

It has been one of the only times I could get reliable feedback…with a practical action plan for how to move forward. What differentiates Morgan Latimer from many other [services] is that it felt as though Anthony was genuinely invested in my success.

Sid Hulu

Not only did our sessions help with the interview, but a lot of the mindsets for thinking through problems we went over are helping me with day to day work. So glad we did those sessions look forward to more in near future…

Aileen Ticketmaster

Anthony made it very easy to not only ask questions but also explain why certain questions would lead us to find better solutions for our problems. Overall I’d recommend this to anyone…